What is a real estate owned property?

Real estate owned, or REO, is a term used in the United States to describe a class of property owned by a lender—typically a bank, government agency, or government loan insurer—after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction. Bank–owned properties are properties taken into a bank’s inventory when not sold during a foreclosure sale. A … Read more

Are WBC high or low in leukemia?

White blood cell count (WBC) At the time of diagnosis, patients can have very, very high white blood cell counts. Typically a healthy person has a white blood cell count of about 4,000-11,000. Patients with acute or even chronic leukemia may come in with a white blood cell count up into the 100,000-400,000 range. Additionally, … Read more

Are ceramic pans safe?

Ceramic cookware does not contain the chemicals found in Teflon (i.e. PTFE and PFOA) non stick coating. Since the cookware is glazed (in a kiln) instead of coated (or dipped), the cookware is 100% safe. Unfortunately, there is no answer as to which is the safest ceramic cookware since all of them are 100% safe. … Read more

How do you grow Feldsalat?

Rapunzel. Note: Rapunzel is an old nickname for a herb with leaves like lettuce and roots like a radish — it is also called rampion. Steps Grow from seed into seedlings or purchase seedlings. Plant in a wide, shallow container. Add fertile potting soil to the container. Pick the leaves every few days. Add a … Read more

How much does probate cost in NY?

In New York, the filing fee for Surrogate’s Court also varies with size of the estate. For estates over $500,000, the filing fee is $1,250.00. For estates more than $250,000 but less than $500,000, the filing fee is $625.00. Assuming no one contests the will, the time it takes to get a will admitted to … Read more

How do you capitalize all letters in SQL?

The SQL UPPER function converts all the letters in a string into uppercase. If you want to convert a string to lowercase, you use the LOWER function instead. The syntax of the UPPER function is as simple as below. UPPER(string); The Oracle INITCAP() function sets the first letter of each word in uppercase, all other … Read more

What is pre trip inspection?

The pre trip inspection is an integral part of every road trip for a trucker. It is meant to be a thorough check of the semi truck, trailer and load, to ensure that everything correctly, prior to the truck driver, departing on a trip. Any damage or issues needing attention, are to be addressed before … Read more

How do you divide tall phlox?

Garden phlox (Phlox paniculata) can be divided in spring or late summer/early fall. In spring, dig up the plants just as new growth begins to appear. Divide each clump into sections with a sharp knife. Each division should contain at least 2 or 3 shoots and a portion of the root system. To divide phlox, … Read more

How a plumbing trap can lose water?

Traps can also lose their water from oscillation, which means too much air from wind outside the house could be getting into the pipes and may bounce the water out of the bowl. Capillary action could also be a culprit if something is stuck inside the pipe and it is wicking the water from the … Read more

What to do when a duck is injured?

Keep the animal quiet and take it to a vet (call first to make sure they can take and treat the animal), one of our wildlife centres or your local wildlife rehabilitator, (but note not all have been inspected by us). If you are unable to transport the animal, call 0300 1234 999. Keep the … Read more