Does Maestro work with Caseta?

Unfortunately, Maestro Wireless dimmers don’t work with the Lutron Smart Bridge, which makes them limited in control when compared to Caseta Wireless dimmers. Maestro Wireless dimmers and switches can be only controlled by Pico remotes.

No, Maestro Wireless does not actually work with the Lutron Small Bridge. Only Pico Remote can control Maestro Wireless dimmers and switches.

Likewise, does Lutron Maestro work with Alexa? Lutron & Amazon Echo Originally Posted by Brian W. The Maestro Wireless dimmers are non-system dimmers that won’t work with the Amazon Echo. If you like the look, then the Radio Ra2 dimmers will work with the Amazon Alexa, as long as you have both a Main Repeater, and a Connect Bridge for the Radio Ra2 system.

Also to know is, does ra2 select work with Caseta?

According to the email I got back from Lutron, Caseta is in no way compatible with Ra2 Select. Supposedly Ra2 Select’s dimmers are compatible so it provides them with some upgrade path but you’re right about Caseta.

How many switches can Pico remote?

On a non-bridge system, you can have up to 10 Pico remotes control 1 dimmer. The only way to control 2 different dimmers independently from one Pico would be to use the 2-group 4-button Pico.

What technology does Lutron Caseta use?

The technology supports Cas├ęta Wireless devices, Serena shades, and Pico remote controls. You can control devices outside the app using iOS and Android widgets. The technology enables geofencing from the Lutron App. It can be controlled from the Apple Watch.

How do I reset my pico remote?

You may have to factory reset them first. To do so, just press the “on” button 3 times, holding on the third press until the unit begins to blink. Then release and press on the “on” button 3 more times. No need to hold this time.

Is Lutron Caseta Z Wave compatible?

Either can work well, but Z-Wave will work without another device (the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro), and if you have other Z-Wave devices, they will also act as repeaters and strengthen your mesh–something you might want to consider if you do replace any.

How does Pico remote work?

The Pico remote control is a convenient way to control Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmers. With the Pico you can turn lights on or off and brighten or darken them from anywhere in the room. You can also use the Pico remote control to turn on the lights from the safety of your car as you arrive home.

How much does a Lutron system cost?

For example, a typical wired Lutron HomeWorks system will cost $15,000 to $25,000 and up, while a wireless Lutron RadioRA starter package begins at about $1,300 and can cost $3,000 to $4,000 to cover a couple of rooms.

Does RadioRA work with Caseta?

The Caseta is designed to work with up to 50 lighting devices, while the RadioRA 2 works with up to 200. For commercial and large residential situations, you may need the scale of the RadioRA 2, but the Lutron Caseta capacity will probably work for the majority of smaller to medium size homes.

What is Lutron Connect bridge?

The Lutron Connect Bridge creates a link between a RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system and the Lutron cloud, enabling remote access to your system. Communication between iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and HomeKit-enabled Connect Bridge is secured by HomeKit technology.

What is ra2 select?

The RA2 Select main repeater lets you control your lights and shades on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world using the free Lutron App. You can also use the versatile Pico remote for control throughout your home.

What is Lutron HomeWorks?

Lutron Fixture Solutions HomeWorks QS, designed for exclusive homes, seamlessly integrates the control of electric light and daylight, as well as integrates with audio visual and HVAC systems. And it does all of that while saving energy.