How do I get water from behind my pool liner?

Lower the pool water level to the normal operating level as water can get behind the liner if the pool over fills. Locate the “vacuum pipe” and check if it is free flowing. If the pipe is blocked , un-block it and allow it to self drain the water from behind the liner.

How to Get Rid of Water Behind a Pool Liner in an Inground Pool

  1. Acquire a submersible pump with a rubber bottom.
  2. Pull the liner out of the track with the assistance of a butter knife.
  3. Buy a small pump from your local pool or home supply store for around $40.
  4. Connect one end of the hose that came with the pump to the pump itself.

Likewise, how much does it cost to fix a floating pool liner? Pool Liner Cost Summary Most homeowners spend between $979 and $3,280 or an average of $2,126 for repairing or replacing an inground or above ground vinyl swimming pool liner. The cost can get as low as $350 for a simple patch of a tear and as high as $4,100 for a complete replacement.

Similarly one may ask, what causes water behind pool liner?

One of the most common issues associated with water collection behind a pool liner is known as a “floating” or “lifting” liner. The water causes the liner to lose its original seal, which then can cause soft spots, wrinkles, and other imperfections that lead to a lifted, floating liner.

What happens if I drain my pool?

All the water from your pool needs to go somewhere when it’s drained, and that usually means the ground. In laymen’s terms, the water pressure below the ground will force all that water upward, and could actually crack or float the bottom of your pool, leading to costly repair bills.

What happens if pool overflows?

If you don’t have an overflow drain, or if it is clogged, it is possible for periods of unusually heavy rain to overflow your pool. Usually, overflowing pool water is a fairly minor issue, and any overflowing waters that spill onto the pool deck or into the yard will evaporate on their own.

How long do vinyl pool liners last?

Vinyl pool liners typically come with warranties of 20-30 years, which can be misleading, because this is not the typical lifespan of an average pool liner. In most cases, you can expect inground pool liners to last between 6-12 years, and above ground pool liners to last 6-10 years.

Why is my vinyl pool liner wrinkling?

The most common reason is heavy rainfall or otherwise excessive water in the soil around the pool. Having a high water table can cause the liner to lift from the floor of the pool like a balloon. Low pH can cause the liner to absorb water, which stretches it and leads to wrinkles.

Will draining a pool damage the liner?

If you drain your pool you can cause your vinyl pool liner to shrink and upon refilling, if the liner has lost its elasticity it can cause the liner to rip or tear. A vinyl inground pool should also not be drained for cleaning, as again it will likely damage the liner.

Can you repair a pool liner with water in it?

Vinyl-liner pools are typically an inexpensive option, but they’re vulnerable to tears and holes. Apply the underwater adhesive included in your pool repair kit to the back of the patch you cut out. Be generous with the adhesive and make sure you cover the entire surface area of the patch.

How do you drain an inground pool?

How to Drain an Inground Pool Rent or buy a submersible pump. Monitor the Draining Process. Turn Off and Remove the Submersible Pump. Open a Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Valve. Perform the Work You Drained the Pool For. Replace the Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Valve. Refill the Pool. Turn on the Pool Pump.

How warm does it need to be to install an above ground pool liner?

Ideal installation temperatures range between 50° and 80° F.

How much does it cost to replace a 16×32 pool liner?

Inground Pool Liner Cost Size Low-End Average 12×24 $400 $700 14×28 $500 $800 16×32 $650 $900 18×36 $750 $1,100

How much does it cost to convert a vinyl liner pool to a gunite pool?

On average a vinyl liner pool will require a new liner at an approximate cost of $2,500-$4,500. Replacing a vinyl liner can be completed in one day. Re-plastering and re-tiling a gunite pool can take one to two weeks.