How is ender a dynamic character?

Andrew “Ender” Wiggin

As a compassionate and empathetic person that he is, Ender refuses to kill and hurt others, but is constantly put into situations where his survival only depends on his ability to fight back. When Ender discovers that Bonzo is dead, he “began to cry.

Additionally, how would you describe Ender Wiggin? The protagonist of Ender’s Game, Ender Wiggin is a brilliant, compassionate child who’s summoned to study war at Battle School and defeat the alien Buggers. Ender has always felt like an outsider because he’s a Third—a third child—in a society that almost never tolerates families with more than two children.

Similarly one may ask, how is Ender compassionate?

Compassion is the redeeming feature in Ender’s Game. Compassion is the theme that runs through Ender’s life. It is the defining feature of his existence. Ender’s compassion for the buggers makes possible for him to make up for destroying their race by giving them a chance to start anew.

What happened to Ender’s brother?

Peter Wiggin is Ender’s elder brother. A sociopath, he takes sadistic pleasure in manipulating and brutalizing other children, especially Ender whom Peter loves bullying by looking into his eye, and is rejected from Battle School because he is too violent.

Who becomes Ender’s first friend?


Who did Ender kill in Ender’s Game?

In the book, Ender Wiggin kills two children who start fights with him: a bully named Stilson, and a school rival named Bonzo. In the movie, he puts Stilson “in the hospital,” and leaves Bonzo in a coma.

What is ender afraid of?

Ender is afraid of his brother and loves his sister. Wherever he goes, Ender makes things happen, and by age nine he is given his own army to command. Ender is angry at the various people who manipulate him throughout the novel. Read an in-depth analysis of Ender.

What causes ender violence?

What leads Ender to violence? Ender sees Peter’s qualities in himself when he resorts to violence. The idea of being like Peter horrifies him.

What is Ender’s worst fear?

Ender’s worst fear is that, deep down, he’s just like Peter.

Who is Ender’s first toon leader?


How old is Ender Wiggin?

Ender Wiggin, the story’s protagonist, is only 6 years old when the novel begins. He is at the center of nearly every scene, and he’s forced to struggle with monumental moral decisions that would flummox a man 10 times his age.

How does Ender manipulate Bean?

Ender understands that Graff isolated him to make him the best soldier he could be, and he is now doing it to Bean. And Ender knows also that the teachers can no longer hurt him. He sees that they used Valentine as a weapon, and he determines to defeat them for it.

Are Ender’s Game characters realistic?

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite books, and yes, I believe the characters in the novel are realistic. Ender is the genius who is isolated to train him for a battle with the (The entire section contains 149 words.)

Is Ender’s Game really about war?

Ender’s Game is all about kids, but it doesn’t fit any of our assumptions about childhood: Ender is at school, but his schooling is about warfare. He plays games, but they’re military games. He’s fighting a war against aliens that might invade Earth, after all.

What does Ender symbolize?

Previously a bugger world, the place symbolizes for Ender the death of the buggers, as well as the future. Ender had said that he loves his enemy at the time he kills them; Eros is the mythological figure of love and it is while here that he is fighting them.

What are the themes of Ender’s Game?

Ender’s Game Themes Love, Empathy, and Destruction. Games, Computers, and Virtual Reality. Morality and Survival. Leadership. Childhood and Growing Up. Control, Manipulation, and Authority.

What does the giant symbolize in Ender’s Game?

The Giant would symbolize the controlling people in his life, forcing him to make quick decisions, trying to challenge him and have him fail.

How does ender show empathy?

Each time, Ender’s kindness and empathy allow him to understand others (even the Buggers, an alien species), and each time, this understanding enables him to hurt or even kill these others. Left to his own devices, Ender discovers that he has the power to be an agent of peace as well as war.