How old is Captain Bluntschli?

Captain Bluntschli is a thirty-four-year-old realist who sees through the absurd romanticism of war.

Captain Bluntschli Character Analysis. Bluntschli is a Swedish professional soldier who fights with the Servians during the war. He has none of Raina or Sergius’s romantic notions about war. He thinks courage is overrated and that war is more often ugly than noble.

One may also ask, is bluntschli an anti hero? Bluntschli is a kind of “antihero.” He is dubbed by Raina to be the “chocolate cream soldier”—a moniker that inspires images of weakness and sweetness—because he typically carries chocolates rather than extra ammo. He is older, more modest looking, and doesn’t believe courage is a virtue.

Similarly, how many hotels did bluntschli own in Switzerland?

Bluntschli implies in this passage that his Swiss family is bourgeois, meaning that they have perhaps a great deal of money. His father owns six hotels, insinuating that the money was made through work and not through the inheritance of an illustrious family, like Raina’s.

What is bluntschli opinion about Sergius Soldiership?

Sergius complains in Act Two about precisely the view of soldiering that Bluntschli holds. Bluntschli thinks that being a solider is simply fulfilling a job that entails loyalty and courage without necessarily being honorable. For Sergius, being a soldier has much more to do with issues of pride and self-regard.

Who is the hero of Arms and the Man?


Who is called chocolate cream soldier?

Raina calls ‘The Man’ – the Serbian soldier (whom we later know to be a Swiss mercenary and whom we still later will learn is named Bluntschli) a “chocolate cream soldier” because of his fondness for chocolates and because he carries chocolates into battle with him rather than cartridges !

Who is Sergius in Arms and the Man?

Analysis of the Character of Sergius in Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw. Sergius, a typical empty headed man is the ideal of a young lady called Raina. He has been cheating on his Fiance for a long time though she finds it out quite late. He is a major in the military of Bulgaria.

Is Arms and the Man a problem play?

Arms and the Man is a critique on Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. In the play, Shaw attempts to satirize the romantic notion about war. A drama of ideas (as problem play is often called) concerns itself with the problems of life—the maladies of society.

Who is Raina in Arms and the Man?

Analysis of Raina character in Arms and the Man: The play is a romantic comedy of a young, beautiful and sentimental girl, Raina; she day dreams and idealizes the heroism of her Fiance. She puts to display a splendid show of mannerism with apparent irony in it.

Who is the chocolate cream soldier in Arms and the Man?

Bluntschli. The “chocolate cream soldier” is the driving force of the plot. Bluntschli is a rationalist, meaning a man who believes in reacting to situations based on the facts, not on what is good versus what is bad.

Who utters the concluding words of Arms and the Man?

Bernard Shaw’s play ‘Arms and the Man’ concludes with these words of Sergius which refer to Bluntschli. Bluntschli is the true mouthpiece of Shaw in whom he combines practical wit, unorthodoxy, humour and self-awareness.

Who is Louka in Arms and the Man?

Louka Character Analysis. Louka is an opinionated, beautiful young servant working for the Petkoffs . She is expected to settle down with and marry Nicola, the family’s head servant. However, she rejects the idea that her being born into a poorer family means she must live as servant to the rich her whole life.

What does the title arms and the man mean?

Arms and the Man is a comedy by George Bernard Shaw, whose title comes from the opening words of Virgil’s Aeneid, in Latin: Arma virumque cano (“Of arms and the man I sing”). Arms and the Man is a humorous play that shows the futility of war and deals comedically with the hypocrisies of human nature.

Who in Arms and the Man is Swiss officer in the Serbian army?

Arms and the Man Captain Bluntschli A professional soldier from Switzerland who is serving in the Serbian army. He is thirty-four years old, and he is totally realistic about the stupidity of war.

What is the significance of the title of the play Arms and the Man?

Shaw takes his title from Virgil’s Aeneid: “arma virumque cano,”which means “of arms and the man I sing.” Virgil’s Aeneid is the heroic story of the Trojan warrior Aeneas, who is credited with founding Rome. The title is ironic, for Shaw’s play, though not an attack on war, is an attack on romanticizing war.

When and where is Act 3 of arms and the man set?

Arms and the Man: Act 3. The scene opens in the Petkoff library after lunch. The library only has few books and is used primarily as a sitting room. In the middle is a table, where Bluntschli works to get the regiments home in an orderly fashion.

What is the historical background of the play Arms and the Man?

Written in 1893-4 and first performed in 1894, Arms and the Man is one of Shaw’s earlier plays, and one that grows out of several contexts. The first is historical. There was a Serbo-Bulgarian War in 1885, and there was, too, an historic Battle of Slivnitza, won by the Bulgarians.

Why arms and the man is as an anti romantic comedy?

In the play he exposes the hollowness of the romantic ideas of love and war. The play is anti romantic because in it Shaw attacks the romantic idealization of life; and it is a comedy because in it he exposes the hollowness of romantic love and the heroic ideals of war.