What is pre trip inspection?

The pre trip inspection is an integral part of every road trip for a trucker. It is meant to be a thorough check of the semi truck, trailer and load, to ensure that everything correctly, prior to the truck driver, departing on a trip. Any damage or issues needing attention, are to be addressed before departure.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires pretrip inspections before each haul. The driver must be satisfied that all parts are in good working order. If they’re not, the vehicle must be repaired before anyone can drive it. The inspection must occur before each daily haul.

Also, what is the pre trip on a CDL test? Our pretrip inspection checklist covers every part of the truck from front to back, both inside and outside of the truck. It covers the air brakes, suspension parts, steering components, wheels and rims, fuel tanks, batteries, lights, and more.

One may also ask, how long should a pre trip inspection take?

approximately 30 to 50 minutes

How long is a pre trip inspection valid for?


Who is responsible for conducting the pre trip inspection?

That is, who is responsible for the condition of the truck. In this case, the prosecutors went after both the company and the driver. Both must help keep the truck in safe order. Drivers must conduct pre-trip inspections and report any problems to the owner.

What should I look for in a pre trip inspection?

Pre-Trip Inspection Steps Check fluid levels: oil and coolant levels. For the pre-trip, look for oil, fuel, coolant, power steering fluid leaks… leak is either a problem or a potential problem. Make sure caps are tight for the rad, oil filler, power steering fluid and the dip stick is seated properly.

Can I do my own dot inspection?

if you have your own athority you can do it yourself. but most companies that your leased to require a independent garage to do them. also it looks alot better to dot if someone elses name is on the form other than yours.

Can a truck driver adjust his own brakes?

Guidance: Yes. A driver may be qualified by the motor carrier to perform a limited number of tasks in connection with the brake system, e.g., inspect and/or adjust the vehicle’s brakes, but not repair them.

Are post trips required by law?

Guidance: Section 396.11(a) requires every driver to prepare a DVIR at the completion of each day’s work on each vehicle operated. A driver who operates two or more vehicles in a 24-hour-period must prepare a DVIR at the completion of the tour of duty in each vehicle.

What happens during a DOT inspection?

The inspector will examine your seat belt, tail lamps, steering wheel, exhaust system, and everything required for driving safely. He or she will also look at documents like your driver’s license, medical certificate, waiver, and hours-of-service documentation.

How often do you need a DOT inspection?

AUGUST 9, 2016 – Annual or Periodic DOT Vehicle Inspections (the inspections in which you receive a sticker on the CMV indicating that it has passed inspection) must be conducted by a Qualified Inspector at a minimum of once every 12 months.

How much does it cost for a DOT inspection?

Inspections DOT Annual Tractor (with Measurements) $58.99* Mid Trip Inspection (Tractor or Trailer) $9.99* Used Truck Inspection $299.99* Battery Performance Inspection $19.99* Electrical System Inspection $51.99*

What is Postpass inspection?

Documenting post-trip vehicle inspections. A single DVIR is adequate for any combination of vehicles, such as a tractor plus trailer, but note that trailers must be included on the DVIRs when a defect or deficiency is discovered by or reported to the driver on a trailing unit.

What does Dvir stand for?

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report