Who is the lead in our town?

Emily Webb – one of the main characters; we follow her from a precocious young girl through her wedding to George Gibbs and her early death. George Gibbs – the other main character; the boy next door, a kind but irresponsible teenager who matures over time and becomes a responsible husband, father and farmer.


Character Description
Lady in a box The lady in a box is a character in the audience who asks questions about culture in Grover’s Corners.
Mr. Morgan Mr. Morgan owns a drugstore in Grover’s Corners.

Similarly, what is the meaning of our town? Our Town” represents Americana; the small-town life of the early 1900s, it is a world most of us have never experienced. The fictional village of Grover’s Corners contains quaint activities of yesteryear: A doctor walking through town, making house calls.

Keeping this in view, who dies in our town?

At the end of the intermission, Mrs. Gibbs, Simon Stimson, Mrs. Soames, and Wally Webb, among others, take their seats. All of these characters have died in the intervening years between Act II and Act III, and the stage has become the local cemetery, situated at the top of a hill overlooking Grover’s Corners.

How old is Emily Webb in Our Town?

Emily Webb – female. Goes from age 16 to 20. In 1901 the age 16 was more sincere and innocent than today. The love story with her and George is the spine of the action of the play.

How did Simon Stimson die?

Stimson appears in the group of dead souls in Act III, having committed suicide by hanging himself in his attic.

Why is our town important?

Our Town’s significance comes from the relationship any viewer can feel to its characters. Our Town closes with its most important and most universal moral, death; more specifically, the lack of appreciation most people have for life before death. Or, as Mrs. Gibbs puts it, “no dear.

Does Emily die in our town?

Emily has died from giving birth to her second child. She goes to the cemetery plot where her body will rest. Emily sits next to Mrs. Emily wishes to return back to the cemetery.

What is Act 3 of our town called?

Act III: Death and Eternity Soames, and Simon Stimson (suicide by hanging). Town undertaker Joe Stoddard is introduced, as is a young man named Sam Craig who has returned to Grover’s Corners for his cousin’s funeral.

Who delivers milk in our town?

Howie is the town milkman, who delivers milk to people’s doors. He appears in all three acts of the play, and his repeated routine emphasizes the continuity of life in Grover’s Corners over time.

What does Wally Webb die from?

Wallace “Wally” Webb Emily’s younger brother and one of the spirits in the last act. In Act III, we discover that he died suddenly from a ruptured appendix while on a Boy Scout trip.

What is the moral of our town?

Our Town is a play that shares the idea that we live life without really appreciating what it has to offer. Major themes of the play include mortality, appreciating life, companionship and marriage, love, and the circle of life.

How old is Rebecca in our town?

Answer and Explanation: In Act I of Our Town, Rebecca Gibbs is an eleven-year old girl who is rather whiny and concerned with her appearance. She likes to save her money and

What is Act 2 of our town called?

It is now July 7, 1904, just after commencement at the local high school. The Stage Manager tells us that the first act was called “Daily Life,” and that this second act is entitled “Love and Marriage.” He says that a third act will follow, and that the audience can guess what that act will be about.

What is the name of Act 1 in our town?

Most of the characters who will appear in the play are introduced in Act I. The town is called Grover’s Corners. It is intended to be a typical American small town. It is situated in New Hampshire just across the border from Massachusetts.

Why is the play called Our Town?

The events and themes that occupy the citizens of Grover’s Corners are universal – hence the title, Our Town.

Who will later die in France our town?

Joe Crowell

Who hanged himself in our town?

Simon Stimson

Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?

Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? —every, every minute? Emily asks this question of the Stage Manager at the end of Act III, after she has revisited her twelfth birthday.